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Dispute Resolution

It is a fact of life that on any construction project things can go wrong. Typically, the parties on both sides believe that matters of principle are at stake and that right is on their side, and, occasionally, the result of this is a dispute that, if left unresolved, can quickly escalate with disastrous consequences. The longer a dispute lasts, the greater the negative impact it can have on your business operations. The impact may be cost, time and reputational.

In a dispute situation, every project is unique whether you are contemplating formal action or are on the receiving end. It is essential to establish the true strengths and weaknesses of your position, and to mount an effective strategy, armed with that knowledge.

When you need to resolve a dispute quickly, calmly and effectively, we can help. Our ‘one-stop’ solution to building and construction issues ensures our clients receive a range of expertise in preparing and presenting claim reports for Negotiation / Mediation / Adjudication /Arbitration / Litigation.

A team of highly skilled individuals can be compiled from our in-house staff and Associates to cover areas of expertise from Construction Management to Planning and Programming, Delay Analysis, Quantity Surveying, and all aspects of Engineering Design and Management.

The result of this expertise is our growing reputation for finding solutions to even the most protracted disputes. This makes us the ideal partner when you need to settle a potentially damaging conflict.

Our focus has always been on resolving disputes rather than contriving unmeritorious claims. From the outset, we are committed to the satisfactory resolution of disputes as early as possible, by focusing on the ‘Business Case’ of a dispute and the clear objective of facilitating settlement while preserving business relationships. Working with you, we then establish a clear, commercially-driven strategy and actively negotiate to enhance your position to ensure the earliest possible settlement on the most advantageous terms.

We have the experience to assist in disputes and help you avoid the high costs of prolonged litigation or arbitration. Our extensive experience of securing successful results around the country gives us a unique pool of skills and knowledge to draw upon. Our services include claim preparation and management, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution processes.

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